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  • Metallic American Red

    Cake Paint Metallic American Red 1 oz - 23442 Available in SOLID METALLIC BACK TO COLORS

  • Black

    Black Jewel Dust 4 gr - 23022 14 gr - 23122 BACK TO COLORS

  • Grape Purple

    Gel Color Grape Purple 2 oz - 23382 Available in SOLID METALLIC BACK TO COLORS

  • MERINGUE POWDER | Confectionery Arts

    Meringue Powder Meringue Powder is used for making royal icing for cake decorating, gingerbread house making as well as for making Mexican Sugar Skulls. It is also used to make meringue, cookies, and butter creams. Used extensively for cakes, cookies, confections, and fat replacers. ​ Ingredients: Sugar, dextrose, dried egg whites (with sodium lauryl sulfate), cream of tartar, alginate, salt, sodium hexametaphosphate, calcium sulfate, locust bean gum, xanthan gum, artificial flavor. 1 lb - 20135 4 oz - 20136 11 lb - 21542

  • Metallic Chocolate Brown

    Cake Paint Metallic Chocolate Brown 1 oz - 23444 Available in SOLID METALLIC BACK TO COLORS

  • Sage

    Sage Jewel Dust 4 gr - 23014 14 gr - 23114 BACK TO COLORS

  • Grape Soda

    Grape Soda Jewel Dust 4 gr - 23019 14 gr - 23119 BACK TO COLORS

  • Metallic Chocolate Brown

    Gel Color Metallic Chocolate Brown 2 oz - 23408 Available in SOLID METALLIC BACK TO COLORS

  • Metallic Navy Blue

    Cake Paint Metallic Navy Blue 1 oz - 23452 Available in SOLID METALLIC BACK TO COLORS

  • Creamsicle

    Creamsicle Jewel Dust 4 gr - 23012 14 gr - 23112 BACK TO COLORS

  • Midnight Black

    Cake Paint Midnight Black 1 oz - 23427 Available in SOLID METALLIC BACK TO COLORS

  • WHOLESALE | Confectionery Arts

    We would love to partner with you! If you would like to sell our products in your storefront or online business, please fill out our Wholesale Inquiry form below. Wholesale Inquiry Form Please note that all applications will be reviewed before approval, so you will not have access to wholesale immediately. If you need to contact us, please email us First Name Last Name Business Name Billing Address City State/Region ZIP Code Business Website Email Phone Brief description Please keep me informed of special news and discounts. Submit Thank you for your application

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